Le Fleur’s Story

Chloe’s fascination with flowers started as a child. She loved reading her mothers flower books, learning the names and varieties. She spent countless hours in the garden picking blooms and selling them at a little flower stand out the front of her house to passerby’s for loose change.

Chloe has always felt a desire to create as it brings her the uttermost satisfaction, purpose and happiness. She has a creative background having studied visual arts. As an artist Chloe developed a multitude of skills such as a strong eye for colour, design and composition which strengthen her abilities as a florist. She realised she could combine her love of flowers and artistic abilities to create floral art.

Le Fleur by Chloe’s style is whimsical, romantic and expressive with an emphasis on shape and flow. She has 7 years experience in the industry and a whole lot of passion for what she does. Le Fleur by Chloe offers floral styling for weddings, events, corporate clients and general occasions.

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